If you’ve been flying helis for any length of time, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the above image. The carnage created while learning this ridiculous hobby is frightening – but great fun.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all alike when it comes to that feeling of fun. And especially that feeling of sheer joy when you finally “get it.” That moment when it finally clicks and you can safely circle the yard and bring your heli back in one piece.

And like a lot of you, I got into this by way of an Airhog. Those little $20 dollar helis you see on late night TV between the magic juicer and gold bullion commercials.

A few years later and I have several 6-channel CPs in my “hangar” as well as a couple of planks – they’re only foamies, but they ’re fun and easy to fly.

I went from the Airhog to a 4-channel and up to 6-channel. I stopped at the 450 size electrics mainly because of budgetary concerns and “ fear.” Mostly the latter. I’ve seen the damage a 450 can do. Combine that with my absent-mindedness and, well, you get the picture.

Things I’ve learned

I’m a much better mechanic than I am a pilot. I do like to repair things and create modifications to see if I can’t make something a little better. That’s kind of why I am building this website.

What’s in this site

I’m not an expert like a lot of folks that are online today nor do I want to be. I’ll leave that to Finless and Nuttcaze and Nightflyyer and the rest. They are great people with lots to share and they’re really, really knowledgeable in all aspects of this hobby. I’ll never be able to match their knowledge, so why try. Plus, it seems like everyone is an expert these days. Everyone has a website and a channel on You Tube. Everything is monetized and every link is an affiliate link. I’m in there too, but not so much as an expert. I have a few affilate links in this site, but realistically, how much can you make? Mostly I think I have not just something to share, but a different way of sharing it. A way that hopefully you can all relate to.

My channel on You Tube is mostly vids of me crashing, a few instructional vids, plus some a vids and images of mods I have made. There is one very special item that I think is really worth looking into and that’s in the Products area. There are a few simple adaptations, add-ons and substitute parts you can use in an emergency. If you want to send me money I’ll be happy to make any of them for you, or you can make them yourself by following the simple instructions. Of course I’ll take a donation or two –hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

And by all means, drop me a line if you have any questions about any of the information on this site or the items i have to offer.

Thank you for visiting.

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