DJI Flamewheel
I went through HeliDirect to purchase my ARF kit. After spending $229 for the Naza, I didn’t want to take any chances on pairing it with anything other than DJI branded equipment. In this way I reasoned all the components would play nice with one another and I would have less issues. I was right.

The kit comes with all the goodies. Motors, 40A OPTO ESCs, solid frame with built-in power distribution board on the base plate, and two sets of props – 8- and 10-inch. The build took about four hours over two days including soldering up the PDB and adding different plugs to my batteries. And because everything was DJI, all the electronics were plug-and-play. No questions.

If you can afford it, this is a great way to go to make sure everything works. As you gain experience, you can mix and match the components.


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