Your first multicopter.

This is kind of like starting out with a heli. The age old question of “what’s the best heli for a beginner?” applies to multis as well. And the same answers apply:

Jump right in with the biggest, baddest machine you can afford or start slow and inexpensive and work your way up.

There is one slight difference, howver. Multicopters, because ot their inherant stability, are easier for beginners to grasp and therefore are less likely to take you to the cleaners as you learn.

Nevertheless, dumoing a bunch of cash into a multicopter right off the bat might not be a good idea. What if you don’t like the experience?

Because of that, I would recommend starting out with a micro-size multi like a 1SQ or Ladybird. There are bunch of different models available and can be had for under $100.

This one, from Walkera is da bomb. Lots of my friends on have started with this one.

HeliMax 1SQ

HeliMax 1SQ


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