Micro Helis and Micro Quads


These liitle guys are becoming really popular. And sophisticated. And fun. And you can fly them in the house, And, And And.

Seriously, if you want to really get a jump on learning how to fly a heli or quad without breaking the bank, micros are an awesome way to get into the hobby to see if you’ll even like it.

The newer ones are fully 3D capable and tunable when bound to a capable TX. They are extremely durable and able to withstand a pretty good beating. When the weather is cold outside or too windy, you can easily fly them indoors and work on your nose in or inverted funnels – whatever.

The little quads are very easy to fly and if you want to introduce your kids to the hobby the micros and minis are perfect for getting them addicted — I mean into the hobby.

Once the kids are into it, you have a built in excuse to buy more stuff.

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