Garolite Frames — Better than carbon fiber.

Just like pretty much anything you build, from a house to a helicopter, you have to start with a good solid base. To that end, I spent some time loooking at substitute frame materials other than metal and CF.

Not that either of those two materials is bad, I just wanted something that was less expensive and that I could work with in my shop.

Metal frames are okay, but after a few crashes and straightening them out, things tend to get off kilter a little. Believe me, I straightened A LOT of metal frames.

Carbon Fiber (CF) is the material of choice, but as tough as it is, it still breaks too easily and isn’t easily repaired. It’s also expensive to replace.

My search led me to a material called “Garolite.” Very similar to CF only stronger. A tad thicker yet still very light. It can be cut, sanded, filed glued, etc, etc.

I have a friend with CNC machine and together we ran some tests. I worked great. I used a CF 450 SEv2 frame as my model and we cut 4 sets. I passed three of them out to fellow pilots for testing and kept one for myself. Initial reports were excellent. One of the guys actually tossed his against the wall with no damage to the frame — can’t say as much for the wall, but it was his idea.

Here’s a jpg of the disassembled frames:

If you would like a set of these, I can sell them for $25. It’s a complete set, top and bottom side frames.

Email me for my PayPal or if you have any questions about them.


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