RC Hobby Shops

The links i am providing areĀ  places that I have actually made purchases from. I’ll add more as I progress. Each link I offer comes with my opinion of their sales and service. You do have to keep an open mind when your making a purchase from a store that’s half a world away. Hobby King for instance serves people all over the world. I can’t begin to imagine that every transaction they make is going to go well 100% of the time. If I include a link to a seller, and I have had a bad experience with them, I’ll say so. But that doesn’t mean you will have a similar experience.



This stoer is actually one of the XHeli stores listed in the next paragraph. I’m singling them out becuase I order lots from them. My expereience with them is mostly very good. I mostly use this site for Heli blades for my 450s and Hobbywing ESCs. Their checkout process is kind of funky in that you can’t actually log in to your account until you are ready to check out and then you have to use as alternative log in thru Google or Yahoo. It’s dumb and I wish they would change it.


XHeli, Nitroplanes, NitroRCX, HobbyPartz and RaidenTech

Made my first heli purchase from the XHeli store – an Exceed 180d or c, can’t remember. They are all essentially the same store and all have horrendous customer service. I would only buy from these guys as a last resort.


Big Sky Hobby

Great source for radios and receivers. Bought my DX7 from them. They are located in Montana — Big Sky- go figure. They have a decent selection of planes and helis, but you can’t see a price on an item until you put it in your cart. Weird.

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