The Bixler. Simple to fly. Easy to repair.

This power glider was my first plane. It’s a “foamie,” made from EOP foam. Virtually indestructible – not quite, but it can take a beating.

It goes together in minutes using foam glue or Gorrilla glue. The ARF kit has everything you need except the radio. You’ll need at least a 4-channel TX and four channel RX.

Because it is a powered glider, your flight times can last as long as you can possibly stand it if the right conditions exist. Fly to altitude under power, cut the engine and glide. If you catch a thermal, you can gain altitude and just stay up. Power up when you start to lose altitude and just repeat the process.

It’s a belly lander, so you’ll need to find a smooth surface on which to crash – I mean land.

Seriously a great beginner plane that will teach you a lot about flying plankers.


Bixler Powered Glider

Bixler Powered Glider



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