If you get into multrotor craft, you’ll invariably want to strap a camera on it to take some aerial photography or videos. It’s a simple feat to strap a camera to the front of your quad or hex, but soon you’ll want to move up to something that offers a little better view. A view that doesn’t include the front arms of your multirotor and one that compensates for the roll and pitch of your multi as you go shooting around the yard dodging trees, electrical wires and satellite dishes.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can go. All are relatively easy to install and can cost as little as $50, all the way up into the thousands. I can certainly talk to you about the lower cost solutions, but I’m not up to the national budget level just yet. And if you people don’t start visiting my site here and the Forum site, I may not even be in the lower budget range for much longer either.

Checkout these posts:

HK’s gimbal, on the low end of the spectrum and servo activated thru your flight control board

The Alware gimbal, a little pricey for a servo-fired gimbal, but very solid.

Read the article on the Brushless gimbal from Good Luck Buy. Less expensive than you would think and exceptionally smooth operation on two axes.

And finally, build your own brushless gimbal by buying the components separately. Bruchless gimbals are becoming the most popular method of gimbal control and as such more and more individual components are becoming available.

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