Just got my hands on this awesome radio. Too many features to even name. It will take me all winter to get acquainted with all the different programs and things this thing can do.

It has audible warnings and greetings, bitmap images of hundreds of models so you can add a pic of the model you are binding to — and you caneven add your own images and voice commands if you want.

Mine was Mode 1 and I am a Mode 2 pilot. The switch took all of ten minutes. Just crack open the radio, turn four screws, close it back up, access the main menu and change the option from Mode 1 to Mode 2 and you’re done.

There a microSD card inside that carries all your info so it’s easy to swap out. Just amazing.

The only drawback if there is one is that you need to add a module to bind with receivers not made by FrSky. But so what.

I’ll have more to add as I get more familiar with this great radio. I’ll never have to buy another radio.

Right now, no one has this radio and no one knows when they will be in stock. When they do come in,┬áSpektrum, Futaba, JR…look out.


Here’s the affiliate link to the radio through HK


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