FPV 250 quad racers are blowing up all over the quad world and for good reason — they’re flat out a blast to fly. Super fast and very maneuverable. And when equipped with FPV gear, you get a great adrenaline rush blasting around obstacles and through tight spaces.

At the high end of this segment are quads from Lumeneir and BlackOut with frames alone running at about $150 – a bit out of reach for most of us. Adding motors, ESCs, FC boards, props and FPV gear and you are easily approaching $500 — that takes a lot of the fun out of it right at the get go.

But it’s nice to know there are options.

Our good friends at HK offered up one and the guys at Best Hobby Mall offered up another. Both of which I had the opportunity to buy, build and fly.

HKs entry comes in a kit as an X-quad with motors, ESCs, props and cheap ass camera gimbal that’s not worth installing. But for a starter kit to learn on, it can’t be beat. The frame is super strong and can take a real beating. And best part the price: $109.99. Granted you still have to add your FPV gear and FC but you’re still way below the entry level of the big boys and this is a great learning tool.

Here’s the link:


HK 250 Racing Quad

The NIteHawk FPV Quad Racer

This “H-frame” option gets closer to a clone of the BlackOut and the Lumenier frame-wise, but at a fraction of the cost. There are two versions, a glass and CF version and a full CF version. If you get the ARF version, all you need to add is the FPV components and the FC.  I’ve been flying this quad all summer long with frequent crashes and the frame is holding up quite well. I’ve replaced a crap load props though. I should mention that Chris at Best Hobby Mall offers great customer service and very fast delivery.

Here’s the link:


Nite awk 250 Racing Quad

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