If you fly minis, especially flying FPV with them, you know that real estate is at a premium. It’s essential that you either use a frame with the power distribution board (PDB) incorporated integrally into the frame or that you use a compact PDB that offers a bunch of plus/minus connections for all your gear to tap into. Some are better than others. This one, the Atas Mini Power Distribution Board Pro looks to be one of the better ones. And at only $25 US it looks like a bargain.

 Make sure that you take a look at the video:


There are a couple of others that I am familiar with and have used (Armattan and Afro power board), but this one from ATAS. although  more costly, looks to be top of the line in features.


I am fortunate enough to have been selected to offer up a review of their PDB. The board is currently on it’s way to the Rumblecloud Ranch and I can’t wait to give it a once over.


Here are some preliminary thoughts:

[b]Most PDBs don’t have these filters:[/b]
FPV Camera (with configurable filtered 5V/12V supply)
Video Tx  (with configurable filtered 5V/12V supply)
OSD (with filtered source voltagae supply)


2oz copper full plate PCB
3-6S batteries supported
70A constant, 110A burst
36x36mm with 30.5×30.5mm holes
Integrated LC filter
12V step down regulator – 600mA
5V step down regulator – 3A
5V/12V switch for CCD board camera (filtered power)
5V/12V switch for video transmitter (filtered power)
5V/12V output pads
Filtered main battery voltage for OSD
OSD bypass switch for no-OSD setups
Shunt for OSD video in/out
Comes with right angle pins

It has a high capacity and step downs for cameras because not all are  12 volts. I know, because I  have had this problem and had to buy a special cable to get it to work. with this board I wouldn’t need the extra cable.

ATAS_0001_Front ATAS PDB ATAS_0000_Rear ATAS PDB

4 thoughts on “NEW REVIEW: Atas Mini Power Distribution Board Pro

  1. looks like a interesting little board would leave a lot of extra room where there is none

  2. I will be watching for the Review, looks like a great PDB for the smaller Multis especially those running FPV… and other low voltage options…

  3. Looks like everything fits into a nice little package, especially for a mini FPV quad. Lots of filters and regulators to maintain voltage are in place here. Looks like the builder really took his time to develop this board the right way with support up to 6s and a 70amp burst out power handling capacity. This board can be incorporated into larger power eating quads as well.The only thing that bites me is the cost, not really intended for the budget builder.

  4. The step down would be a plus as to eliminate using external batteries to run other equipment making a much lighter Multi. Looking forward to the review!

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