The Pit Bull. Be careful when you open it.

The Pit BullDetroit tough.

That’s the catch line on the box. After seeing it in action and judging from the materials, it more than lives up to its name.

I just received mine on the 24th of April after a short wait. I met with the owner and we went over a list of things I wanted, starting with what I wanted to do with it – the type of flying I had in mind. He then matched the components to fit. Each one is built in this same manner, starting with the frame material, choose carbon fiber or G10. I went with G10. A bit heavier, but also tougher.

As I said, I just received mine so I haven’t had time to get into the build. Here is a shot of the box. The packaging is first rate.

Keep your eys peeled for the next installments as I compare it against the Blackout Mini H.


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