GyroShield.® Protection for your gyro.

If you read the introduction to this section, you know what the GyroShield is. If not, it’s pretty self explanatory. When you crash, there’s a chance that the flybar paddles will wrap themselves around the main shaft and in the process, decapitate your gyro. The GyroShield® helps prevent that from happening by deflecting the paddle and flybar up and over your gyro. Of course, with the growing popularity of flybarless systems as well as smaller gyros, a paddle strike is not a real problem, but if you’re still using a flybar, the GyroShield is cheap insurance for an expensive gyro.


My new Gaorlite frames (not shown), incorporate the Shield into the design of the side frame. If you want to simply do an add-on, they are easy to make and simple to install. You can use any pliable metal and screw your creation onto the side of the boom lock into the existing screw holes using the existing screws I used metal flashing to make the shield shown in the image.


The add-ons I have for sale here are made out of Garolite and are designed to work with the smaller size gyros that don’t hang out over the side of the boom lock. If you have a stock frame, your standard screws will work just fine.


Gyro SHield Prototype


I don’t really see a great demand for these, but if you’re interested, I can make you a Garolite version for $3.00. Email me if you have any questions about them.

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