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AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautic) / Great issue of MA for July
« Last post by Rumblecloud on June 26, 2017, 08:34:45 AM »
This issue of MA is a "HOW TO" issue. good stuff.
AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautic) / May issue of Model Aviation
« Last post by Rumblecloud on June 26, 2017, 08:30:27 AM »
I finally got around to uploading the May issue.

Took some gentle prodding from Rui, but it's up.

Thanks Rui.

I'm really having a lot of fun with the building.  I have an Extra already on my bench I need to be working on next.  Much smaller, but will still be loads of fun to work on
Looks good Wayne, can't wait to see it after all the tuning is done....  :t2030: :t2030:

This wing is much better.  I need to spend some time getting it back in the air and just getting some time on it now.  I will need a lot more expo and to adjust the elev link.  I have WAY more control throw and surface than I need and need to soften them up quite a lot.  I also have to mix some aile / rudder because she will pitch up in a turn without any rudder to guide the nose around.  It's actually pretty light for what it is.  I am concerned the 6S 3.3 pack was warm when I got it down.  I need to check the C rating on it compared to my 3.0's.  I will also have to work out a weight and balance for flying with the 3.0s, but have to get that nose reinforced before it will hold up anything.

Come up and fly it sometime!  You're good on fixed wing ain't you?
It doesn't really look that big till you get up next to it.
Your camera "person" was doing ok till the very end - not sure what they were looking at through the viewfinder  :face-slap:

How does it handle? It looks like it is floating, but obviously I can't see what you're doing with the sticks. :t2954:
My made it today, now to find time with it.  :face-slap: :b0201: :b0201: :headslap:

:t2030: Dave
My made it today, now to find time with it.  :face-slap: :b0201: :b0201: :headslap:

New wing is on, had to do some field repair with one of the servos, but got it in the air.  Here is some video, sadly about half of it was lost as he was shooting too high.  I think I need to clean the leans too.  I'm REALLY peeved that he missed the approach to landing.  It was quite good, but I did a full stall landing instead of flying it on.  I guess in that big a plane, that's not good.  The nose was never designed to carry the weight of the battery, but that's where it ended up for weight and balance purposes.  One more repair and I think it will be all set to go again.

Dang, does that thing need some kind of ground roll though!  I was just trying to keep it on the runway, but still ended up forcing it into the air instead of letting it fly.  Just got to calm down and let it roll next time.
Multicopters - General Discussion / "Hi-jack" a found copter
« Last post by joewickert on June 20, 2017, 08:26:41 PM »

Been searching the web but can't find much information.

A friend of mine came home to a lost drone in his backyard. It's a DM009 Conqueror Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter.

He posted it up on local Facebook/lost and found sites, but no owner came forward.

Is there a way of "Hi-jacking" it to use with another controller?

Can I bind it to my Turnigy 9x?

Or possibly crack it open and piggy back my own RC receiver into it's internal flight controller?

I guess at least the components could be rebuilt into another bird (motors at very least)

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