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Mega's Micros/Kevin
« on: July 14, 2014, 10:40:47 AM »
I get Megas emails every now and then, so I thought I could post his most recent. Although I have not officially invited him, I will following this post. I don't expect a response, but I will send the note anyway.
Hello Everyone,

I have a few things to announce in this newsletter. The first is that I will be unavailable to make repairs for a week. From this Monday July 14 until Saturday July 19 I will not be available to make any repairs or fill any orders. I have to attend a training course on how to not kill myself with high voltage. Funny how my job has me maintaining a 20,000 VDC system before they send me to electrical safety. Iím glad to get the training either way. I have a few boards on hand that I have been unable to complete in time. If you do not have a tracking number by Monday morning then I am sorry to say they will have to wait until I open back up.

Since I have slightly realigned MegasMicros I have been able to concentrate on a few projects. One is Megaís Manual and the other is a 3 in 1 tester.

Megaís Manual is a site I am developing to share everything I know with you. I have no intention to keep my 3 in 1 knowledge to myself. I love to share what I have learned with anyone that needs or wants to know. The problem is that I get so many questions and so much email that I can not keep up with the demand. To help people find answers to their 3 in 1, BLHeli, and general electronics questions I am creating a home for all the answers I can provide. So far I have the front end designed and I am almost complete with the 3 in 1 basics lesson. After the basics is complete I will expand to include each individual board and each component on the board. It will be a challenge and it will not be perfect but I think it will be helpful and fun. Bookmark the page now!

The 3 in 1 tester is a pocket sized tester for all 3 in 1 units. This unit will be powered by any 2s battery you have on hand or two 1s batteries. The connectors will be available on board for you to use Nano CPX, MCPX, MCPX BL, or 130X batteries. More options are possible with adapters. The tester in its current state has 5 main tests.

1. Servo tester. This will allow you to test your servos and report the current draw of the servo. This will let you determine if the servo has bad spots or a bad motor. You will have a display of the servos commanded position and the amperage being used to obtain/maintain that position. This will work for both linear and rotary servos.

2. Servo signal tester. This will sense the servo signal and power coming from your 3 in 1 and test for validity. It will let you know the position the 3 in 1 is commanding and the voltage provided to the servo.

3. Brushed motor PWM output test. This will display the voltage of the output PWM signal to a brushed motor and calculate and display the commanded duty cycle (throttle %) of the motor.

4. Brushless motor tester. This will test all 3 phases of a brushless motor and report if one leg is open or shorted. It will display what phase is defective relative to the connector.

5. Brushless ESC tester. This test will analyze the motor output signals from a brushless ESC. It will report any defect phases and aid in determining what transistor if any should be replaced.

The test unit has a backlit LCD display for menu selection and test readouts. It has an analog 5 way joystick similar to game controllers for menu navigation and servo control. The circuit design and software is currently about 70% complete for the tests mentioned above. I also have ideas of incorporating a gyro tester and BLHeli programmer but that will take some extra time and work. Once the design is finalized I will move on to case design.

I am developing this tester for fun but to put an actual unit into production can be very costly. Is anyone out there interested in owning one? What do you think it may be valued at? What other features would you like to see? If there is enough interest in these I can produce a batch. I estimate the cost to be about $5,000. It would take a bit of interest to do that but maybe itís out there.

That is about it for now. I have been able to obtain and refurbish 40 Nano CPX boards. They are available in the refurbished section on a first come first serve basis. Each 3 in 1 sold will come with a random set of nano blades until I run out. I am sure I can cover 40 3 in 1s. There will be no mention of this on the website.

Thank you everyone!

Until next time,

Kevin Irick

Owner and sole operator


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