Author Topic: Incredible 16 year old Guitarist / Incredible 9 year old drummer / sexy drummer  (Read 1339 times)

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I was streaming though music videos on youtube to find some music videos to add to my collection and found these 3 very talented people. I though I would post them the first video is a little long 11 min the other two are short the last video she is super hot 

16 year old Guitarist

 9 year old drummer



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To bad I'm such an Old Coot, I'd have her in my band, she's cute... LOL...  She's good at Copying other Guitarists I wonder if she has her own style and can write songs yet...

There was another 15 year old French Guitarist, Matt Rach that had a Canon he played and was basically perfect then as he got popular he kept mucking it up trying to improve on what he already done that it was no longer worth listening to...

Here he is:

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Wow to all!!!!!!!!!! :b0703: :t2030: :t2030: :t2030:

I really like the Tina S, she was great at what she does, very impressed, but like Keith said, I would like to here her style and "her" music... :t2030: :t2030:

The boy was great too, but I was more impressed with this one of him when he was 7 years old...
I really like the fact that he plays a double bass kick rather than a double kick bass like most drummers do now...


Yeah, She is HOT!!!!!!  lol.... and a really good drummer too....

Thanks for sharing Jeff, I just spent a few hours watching videos of them all...  :face-slap: :face-slap: :b0201: :b0201: :b0201:


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Yeah the chick was hot, but no fire in her balls -- oh wait...she don't got no balls. Well...that explains it.

The kid guitarist, he is really good ad he is gonna get soooo laid.I' like to follow him and see where he is now...that's a good idea...ill go do that ow

Thanks for posting Jeff. This si the first time I've had time to sit and catch up on things around here. :t2030:


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 :b0209: :b0209: :b0209: :b0209: :b0209:

Oh yeh ....trey this on for size

Or how bout this one

If you look up aron o keefe on you tube and thumb through the vids you will see that these kids a riddled with multitudes of talents. They are well versed with playing different instruments and singing styles



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